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PVE & PVP at the same time, Close Alpha Registration is now available

HONG KONG (8th June 2018) – Toward Games has announced their first game, Raid of Regions, with a slogan “Intelligence Royale. Intense, insane.”, for Windows PCs. Close Alpha Registration is now available and players might have a chance to get the full game for free through participating in the test.

By jumping off the wall, 20 players will get into a region, which will be engaged with military AI Robots and other 4 player teams at the same time during the matches. Comparing to the traditional BR games, players can respawn on the wall even when their team members are all eliminated. However, their opponents might be able to loot their resources that can be used for calling the air drop, which is the only way to buy a weapon.

The winning condition is also different from BR. There is still only one team can win, but it is not the last man standing. The one who can collect the complete military intel and then extract it by taking the train will become the winner. Military intel will be available to be obtained and exposed on the map in every several minutes. To gain the biggest advantage of fighting for the intel, players can search, farm and buy related information to increase their intel level. With a higher intel level, players can see fewer spots on their map while those spots are representing the possible locations of the military intel.

“Players can do a lot of cool stuffs in this game such as shooting your enemies while using the grappling hook in the air. They are expected to have a more intense experience,” said Mars Ling, the Game Designer of Raid of Regions. “You can equip different sponsored items, like a character loadout mechanic. That helps players to find their own playstyles”

The registration of Close Alpha is now available. Toward Games has also announce their Partner Program for streamers and content creators that will give them some in-game items in every week, which can be gifted to their audience as well. The proposed schedule for Close Alpha will be from August to September. A Kickstarter campaign for boosting the development process will be held in July.

To register the Close Alpha or learn more, please visit:

Raid Of Regions Close Alpha Raid Of Regions Close Alpha Raid Of Regions Close Alpha