Toward Games


If you are a content creator or streamer, you may consider to join our partner program to gain rewards to you and your audience. Even you are not a content creator yet, you can still apply for this program as long as you agree and promise to stream Raid of Region (ROR) or make contents of it.

The purpose of launching this program is that can help streamers to interact with their audience. By joining the program, our partner will receive some in-game item per week. It can be gifted to other players. Both the quantity and quality of those items will be based on the partner tier, which is depend on how long you had streamed or how many people are following your channel. You are encouraged to use any creative ways to do the giveaway to make it become more interesting. It would also be a chance for you to grab more view and audiences.

We emphasis the community of our game, both the regular gamers or content creators. Therefore, we allow everyone to join this program as long as you agree to stream or create contents of ROR. However, we might consider to stop our partnership with you if the counts of your views or followers cannot achieved our lower limit target. Of course, we will also have the right to terminate the partnership if you are trying to sell, or doing any other commercial activities with these items to earn profit.

The registration of Partner Program will be available soon. If you are interested in this program, please choose “Content creator/ Streamer” while registering for the Close Alpha. We will send you the related information once we have more details of that. Content creators and streamers will be also get a higher priority to get into the Close Alpha.

To register the Close Alpha, please visit: